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An Easy Way To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking

Do you find yourself nervous before a big presentation or interview? Feel like you are staring down a precipice in fear?

What you do before it will determine its outcome.

A mistake many of us make is to spend the minutes before our talk or interview going over the details of what we need to say. Doing one last practice in our mind or rehearsing through our notes. What this ends up doing is telling our subliminal mind that we’re not fully prepared and might fail.

Next time try this instead. Spend the time visualizing the past times you’ve done a similar task and excelled at it. Make the visualization even easier by looking at Google images of winning athletes on your phone.

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Now you are persuading your subliminal mind to success.

The shift with this from a negative persuasion framing to a positive persuasion game in your mind will be significant. You will see dramatic improvements with this approach where you affirm your previous success and power through fears.

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