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If your persuasion skills are not as good as you hoped they should be and you are not getting what you want in life, it is really not your fault and we understand your frustration. We were once in your position. You have been misled and mostly taught the wrong ways to influence and build your leadership skills by the confusing advice out there.

We are now covered, though. These articles, backed by the latest behavioral sciences research, will clear the fog away and guide us down the right path.


Most articles are a 2–3 minute read and quickly get the main points across. This way, you don’t have to wade through fluff that other authors pile on. Mostly to try and convince other authors of their incredible writing skills. We write for you and to show you concepts you have never been exposed to.

We leverage our corporate experience to distill out the influencing, leadership, and personal development techniques that will move your career and life forward.

We are the place for future leaders, business innovation and insights.


It’s our honor that you’ve decided to join us here. Thanks!


The Master Influencer Editorial and Writing Team


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