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ISSN 2766-0672 (Format: Online)

Cover page of Master Influencer Magazine Spring/May 2020 Issue No. 3

Discover hidden gems for your personal development among these great books to read during the coronavirus quarantine. Life-altering book recommendations.

A smiling woman in a gray coat with red earphones waving her hand.

Tips for successfully managing remote teams and employees. How to bring out the best in the virtual workers you manage and lead.

Five future technology trends that will get accelerated adoption because of COVID-19 social distancing. How coronavirus will change our world permanently.

Woman in a yellow sweater and brown coat wearing face mask during the 2019-20 coronavirus pandemic.
Businessman writing an email on this laptop in the workplace.

Discover a few clever tweaks to dramatically improve your business writing skills. Professional writing help if you are short of time.

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