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Influence & Persuasion

Books On Influence

The best books to read on influencing people better.

two yellow labrador retriever puppies sitting in green grass and yellow flowers

Scarcity Principle

Guiding people’s choices through scarce resources.

Purple flowers, a black pen next to a purple and white Thank You card.

Reciprocity Principle

How to use reciprocation when influencing people.

man in blue suit standing on steps in front of a building

Authority Principle

Using authority when persuading people.

Businesspeople standing around and talking in an office.

Commitment And Consistency Principle

How our early choices make us stay the course in the future.

Social Proof Principle

How cues from our social group drive our decisions.

Woman dressed in a black coat embracing a man in a brown coat.

Liking Principle

Getting assent from people using the liking principle of persuasion.

Audience at a music concert with an orange stage in the background.

Unity Principle

Influencing people through shared bonds and unifying traits.


Garden & Outdoor

Man in blue shirt riding a green John Deere S100 lawn tractor getting ready to mow the green grass.

John Deere S100 Riding Lawn Mower

Outstanding lawn tractor for mid-sized yards.

EGO Cordless String Trimmer leaning against a black metal fence with a patio, lawn and green trees in the background.

EGO Cordless String Trimmer

Great garden string trimmer with easy string re-loading.

Components of the EGO cordless electric leaf blower 650 CFM laid out on the patio with a green bush in the background.

EGO Power Leaf Blower

Most powerful battery leaf blower you can buy.


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