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The Authority Principle Of Persuasion: Definition And How To Use It At Work

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    Learn how to use the authority principle of persuasion to achieve compliance in the workplace.

    Definition Of Cialdini’s Authority Principle Of Persuasion In Psychology

    The unconscious bias that people have to comply more readily to people who they view as an authority figure on a subject or related topic.

    People often don’t know what their best choice is. They simply lack the expertise and knowledge to decide. If you convince people that you are knowledgeable and an authority on something, they will be more willing to listen to you.

    This is why professionals like doctors and lawyers display their diploma certificates on the walls of their offices. This reinforces to others that they are authority figures.

    How To Use The Persuasion Principle Of Authority At Work

    An easy way to establish authority in the workplaces is to set yourself up as someone who can be trusted and is credible. You will need to do this early. Before you ask people for something.

    One way to appear trustworthy is to admit to a mistake early. Or to point out a disadvantage or con about your project. This immediately convinces people that they can trust you.



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