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Winter/February 2023, Issue 8

ISSN 2766-0672 (Format: Online)

Master Influencer Magazine Winter/February 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with brown hair, red lipstick, a light pink blouse with her hand on her head.

Winter/February 2023

Master Influencer Magazine

Two men writing on a glass board.

Leadership & Influence

80/20 Rule: How To Apply It In Marketing And Business

Learn how to use the 80/20 rule to improve your productivity at work. Focus on key drivers to optimize success in your personal life.

Girl with red hair wearing a red denim jacket standing with her hands folded around her waist.

Influence & Persuasion

The Peripheral Route To Persuasion

Learn how the peripheral route to persuasion operates in humans. Use it to convince people to your point of view ethically.

Blonde girl in a black top smiling at a man and woman at a sales conference


How To Persuade Someone To Buy Something

Discover the easiest way to become a successful salesperson. Learn the psychology behind persuading someone to buy something.

Woman in a purple dress pointing at a chart that has several career maps written on it.


Career Planning: Boost Your Chances Of Success At Work

Take the time to reassess your career plan and move ahead. Discover the benefits of careful career strategy planning and mapping of goals.


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Master Influencer Magazine Summer August 2022 Issue cover featuring a woman with black hair, red lipstick, a white top and her hand on the back of her neck.
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How To Be Successful Without College And Get What You Want In Life

Being successful happens by taking advantage of luck that comes your way. Ways to get what you want in life even without a college degree.

Girl in a grey swaeter sitting on a table and looking at a Chromebook..

Tech: SEO

How To Rank Higher On Google: The Ultimate Guide To Boosting Your SEO

An authoritative guide on how to rank higher in Google searches. Discover some easy ways to boost your website’s SEO and search rankings.

Google's search page with the phrase 'How to rank higher on Google" typed in the search bar.

Garden & Outdoor

EGO Hedge Trimmer Review & Demo: Best Cordless Electric Trimmer For Home Use

Review and demo of the EGO Power Hedge Trimmer (HT2410). Learn why it is one of the best electric hedgers you can buy for home use.

Unboxed grey, black and yellow hedge trimmer laying on a green and black box.

Video: Influence & Persuasion

The Reciprocity Principle Of Persuasion: Definition And How To Use It At Work

Learn how to use Cialdini’s Principle Of Reciprocity to get others to say yes to you. Definition and how to use in at work.

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