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Spring/June 2023, Issue 9

ISSN 2766-0672 (Format: Online)

Master Influencer Magazine Spring/June 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with brown hair, red lipstick, a blue floral dress with her hand on her face

Spring/June 2023

Master Influencer Magazine

President Trump Calls Astronauts During First All-Woman Spacewalk (NHQ201910180017)

Leadership & Influence

Mastering Negotiation Skills: Essential Strategies & Examples For Success

Learn essential negotiation skills with examples & strategies for success. Improve your bargaining power & achieve better deals anytime.

Blonde woman standing on a road wearing a blue dress and dark blue jacket.


Common Job Interview Questions: Ace Them With Winning Answers

Ace your job interview with these tips on answering common questions. Build confidence, align goals, and show ambition to impress employers.

A woman in black working from home with her kid playing in the foreground.


Working From Home With Kids: Tips For Managing Remote Work And Family

Managing remote work and family with kids is a challenge. Discover tips and tricks to balance work and parenting at home in this guide.

Woman with brown hair and purple lipstick dressed in a cute white spring outfit.

Spring Fashion

Cute Spring Dresses For Women 2023

Discover 2023’s hot trends in spring dresses for women. From flowy maxis to flirty minis, find the perfect dress to refresh your wardrobe.


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Master Influencer Magazine Spring/June 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with brown hair, red lipstick, a blue floral dress with her hand on her face
Master Influencer Magazine Winter/February 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with brown hair, red lipstick, a light pink blouse with her hand on her head.
Master Influencer Magazine Summer August 2022 Issue cover featuring a woman with black hair, red lipstick, a white top and her hand on the back of her neck.
Cover page of Fall/December 2021 Issue featuring a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and red lipstick smiling and looking upwards.

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What Makes A Good Leader: Top 10 Must-Have Skills For Managers

Discover the 10 must-have skills for effective leadership in the workplace. Learn what makes a good leader and how to develop these skills today.

Women and men sitting on a couch and chairs in a business meeting discussing a situation at work.

Cognitive Sciences

How Do People Make Decisions: The Psychology Of Decision-Making

Discover the science behind how people make decisions. Explore factors influencing our choices & learn strategies to make better decisions.

Woman with blonde hair wearing a white sweater and blue pants sitting on a brown chair trying to make a decision about something.


Understanding Cognitive Dissonance: Why It Matters And How It Works

Understand what cognitive dissonance is so you can make better decisions. Learn how to spot it in others and yourself.

Girl with blonde hair and glasses wearing a black jacket with her hand on her chin.

Personal Development

How To Deal With Difficult People At Work: 5 Ways To Disarm Toxic People

Discover the most effective yet overlooked ways to handle difficult people at work. Master subconscious techniques to handle any situation.

Two women sitting at a white table and discussing work.

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