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Summer/August 2022, Issue 7

ISSN 2766-0672 (Format: Online)

Master Influencer Magazine Summer August 2022 Issue cover featuring a woman with black hair, red lipstick, a white top and her hand on the back of her neck.

Summer/August 2022

Master Influencer Magazine

Young businessman in a blue suit adjusting his tie and feeling good about himself.

Leadership & Influence

Business Acumen Skills: How To Develop Savvy Traits To Succeed At Work

Become business savvy with a simple combination of the right talents. Discover how to develop them to increase your business acumen skills.

Girl in a black dress suspended midair doing a backflip in the grass with trees in the background.

Influence & Persuasion

Persuasion Techniques: The Psychology Of Finding Effective Influence Principles

Commonly taught persuasion techniques rarely work. Discover how psychology teaches us which influence approaches are the best to use.

Girl crossing her fingers for luck with her eyes closed. She is wearing a yellow wool cap and a black winter jacket.


How To Increase Your Luck And Good Fortune, Science-Backed Way

Finding fortune and success has an element of chance. But you can do things to increase your luck based on what we know from psychology.

Side view of a green and yellow John Deere S100 lawn tractor parked on a black driveway with a white garage and fence, and green trees in the background.

Garden & Outdoor

John Deere S100 Review 2022 Model: Great Riding Lawn Tractor

Review of the John Deere S100 riding lawn tractor and video demo. One of the best lawn tractors with a superior cut and ease of use.


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Master Influencer Magazine Summer August 2022 Issue cover featuring a woman with black hair, red lipstick, a white top and her hand on the back of her neck.
Cover page of Fall/December 2021 Issue featuring a girl with brown hair, brown eyes and red lipstick smiling and looking upwards.
Cover page of Master Influencer Magazine Spring/May 2021 Issue No. 5
Cover page of Master Influencer Magazine Fall/November 2020 Issue No. 4

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Video: Influence & Persuasion

Ready To Learn How To Persuade People? Here’s The Best Reading List

Persuasion and influence reading list to learn how to get people to listen to you more often.

Cover pages of the top three books on influence and persuasion. One sentence persuasion, Influence, and Pre-suasion

Garden & Outdoor

EGO String Trimmer Review: Best Cordless Trimmer (ST1511T)

The EGO Cordless String Trimmer is a handy tool for the garden. Read our review and watch a demo to see if it is right for your needs.

EGO Cordless String Trimmer leaning against a black metal fence with a patio, lawn and green trees in the background.

Food & Drink

Wendy’s Hot Honey Chicken Biscuit Review: New Breakfast Sandwich

Wendy’s new hot honey chicken biscuit is a big miss. See our video review of their latest breakfast menu item to see why we don’t like it.

A Wendy's storefront on a dark evening with a person walking to the restaurant in the parking lot.

Video: Influence & Persuasion

Commitment And Consistency Principle Of Persuasion: Definition & Examples

See how the commitment and consistency principle helps guide people’s choices. Use it to improve your influencing skills at work.

Businesspeople standing around and talking in an office.

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