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EGO Hedge Trimmer Review & Demo: Best Cordless Electric Trimmer For Home Use (HT2411)

    Man holding a 56V EGO hedge trimmer cutting branches from a brown tree.

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    The cordless EGO Hedge Trimmer has expectational cutting ability for residential lawns and gardens. We tested the HT2410/HT2411 models in this review and found it to be more than capable of handling tough hedging jobs expected over a 1-acre yard.

    Read this full review and watch the demo video to see if it might work for you depending on the size and needs of your yard. This is one of the best and most powerful cordless hedge trimmers we’ve looked at. The positive features are many. We really struggled to find anything negative to say about this sturdy yard tool.

    Important: Safety Recall On Older EGO Hedge Trimmers (HT2410, HT2411)

    As of June 01, 2023, EGO has recalled hedge trimmer models that were made from September 2017 through March 2019. The rear switch trigger can fail to rebound after being pressed leading to a laceration/safety issue. Go to EGO Recalls for more information if you have bought this product during that time.

    The model we have tested here is newer and is not covered by the recall.

    Woman wearing a pink and black t-shirt, blue jeans trimming a hedge of green bushes in front of a grey house.

    Bushes and hedges around your garden will need to be trimmed back from time to time. Fall is a particularly good time to cut back on extra growth. Using a pair of hedge shears will be far too manual a process. They are not a practical solution if you have a small yard with more than three shrubs.

    Trimmed hedges around a brick house with tall green trees in the background.

    What Size Hedge Trimmer Will You Need

    Hedge trimmer blades come in at around 16 to 26 inches. If you want to work your way around the yard efficiently, we recommend something around 22 to 24 inches in length. Cutting capacity or the thickness of the tree branch the trimmer is capable of cutting is another thing to consider. Something that cuts up to one inch of branch would be recommended otherwise you may get stuck when trimming back heavy bushes. Blades are typically some form of stainless steel so there is not much to consider here.

    How We Tested The EGO Power Hedge Trimmer

    We tested the EGO hedge trimmer in a late fall yard that is approximately one acre. The leaves and flowers from most trees had fallen off. But the branches that needed cutting still had some life in them and were resistant enough to put this trimmer to the test. There were also several evergreen bushes and Christmas trees on which we were able to test the ability of the hedger to give us a neat, manicured look.

    What Comes In The Box ( EGO Tool And Charger)

    The version we tested and reviewed came with the tool only (Model HT2410). In the box you get the electric hedge trimmer (with a protective casing around the blade) and the user manual. Everything is fully assembled. If you get the model with the battery and charger (HT2411), the box will also include a 2.5 Ah rechargeable battery with a 56 V charger.

    Unboxed grey, black and yellow hedge trimmer laying on a green and black box.

    There are essentially just two specs in a leaf blower you need to pay attention to. The CFM, which is cubic feet per minute or how much air the blower moves through the nozzle. And wind speed or how much “power” or “lift” you will get for moving heavier debris like wet leaves and small twigs.

    For the EGO, you get 650 CFM (on turbo) and 225 to 500 CFM through the variable speed dial. The top wind speed is 180 mph with lower speeds obtained through the speed dial. Let’s see if this is enough power to clean out an average yard filled with fall leaves.

    Full Video Review And Unboxing Of The EGO Hedge Trimmer (HT2410)

    Watch our full video where we unbox, review and test out the EGO electric cordless leaf blower in a one-acre yard in early December in the northeast United States. A variety of shrubs were tested. Some with green leaves that needed trimming/shaping. And others that had thicker branches that needed to be fully cut back for winter preparation.

    The EGO trimmer is extremely lightweight, even with the 5 Ah battery. With the suggested 2.5 Ah battery, it should be even easier to use. Other hedgers we’ve seen are heavier and that makes trimming tedious as you are lifting the tool up and down during use.

    Despite the light load, the trimming blades are powerful and can cut through a surprising variety of branches on your average mid-to-large garden bushes and flowering shrubs. It was a breeze to get the job done. And this made the chore almost seem like fun. Your biggest concern will be picking up all the branches and ends that you’ve cut off.


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    The 5 Ah battery barely lost any charge for 25-35 minutes for the trimming we did across about 15 shrubs around the property. While we did not try out the 2.5 Ah battery which EGO provides standard with Model 2411 (tool and battery), we feel it would be more than sufficient for a fairly large yard.

    Overall, this is a great hedge trimmer. If you have a gas-powered one and are looking to replace it, going with this electric model from EGO will be a good move. Provided you don’t have heavy brush you need to clear out every year.

    There are many plusses with the EGO hedge trimmer. Smooth cutting ability and easy to wield about the yard. The only strain is if you have to hold it high above your head for trimming very tall trees. But this is true for almost any other hedger as well.

    Lightweight Feel With An Impressive Cut

    You get a superior cut with the convenience of electric with this cordless model from EGO. The blades are sharp and have a professional feel for even a novice gardener. We just can’t say enough good things about this model. One of the best and easiest hedgers to use for standard home garden needs.

    Man holding a 56V EGO hedge trimmer cutting branches from a brown tree.

    We like the fact that there is a lock on the variable speed dial. This saves you a lot of thumb and finger fatigue compared to models where you have to constantly keep force to adjust the speeds. Since this is a high-powered blower, most of your work will be done at lower speeds, so you really need something to maintain this without having to hold down a button continuously.

    Electric Safety Brake

    Handle and installed 56V battery on a grey and black EGO power hedge trimmer.

    We’ve already covered this, but it is worth repeating how much power you get with the benefits of electric in this EGO blower. The turbo button gives you a full 650 CFM and over 180 mph wind speeds to clear out stubborn and wet leaves stuck in the grass and in difficult-to-reach bushes.

    A power hedge trimmer is the most efficient tool for cutting off excess plant growth. There are many options for the home gardener here, so let’s take a look at what those are briefly.

    Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

    Gas powered hedge trimmers are powerful and usually come at the upper end of performance and cutting ability. Clearly, if you have a multi-acre property or are a professional landscaper, gas-powered garden tools are the most obvious choices.

    Electric Hedge Trimmers

    Electric hedge trimmers are becoming the most popular option for home garden and lawn use. Corded electric models are the cheapest while still giving you a great cut. However, you will need a 50 to 100-foot outdoor extension cord that you will have to lug around with you.

    The most convenient electric trimmers are battery operated, like the EGO model reviewed here (HT2410). Unlike leaf blowers, hedge trimmers don’t use up significant battery power. Even a small (2 to 3 Ah) battery gives you an hour plus of trimming time. Thus, for a reasonably sized lawn (half to 2 acres), a cordless battery powered hedge trimmer is the perfect choice.

    We tested the EGO hedge trimmer in an average 1-acre yard with shrubs, small trees, and flowering plants. The time of the test was early December in the northeast United States at the end of fall and the onset of winter.

    Some shrubs are evergreen, so we were able to test the trimmer on its hedge-shaping ability. There were several flowering bushes that had wilted and dried out on account of winter. They were harder branches and were a good test for the ability of the trimmer to cut through tougher, dried branches.

    We took into account the hedgers ability to allow the average person to maneuver and lift the tool around trees from a couple of feet up to about seven feet tall.

    The hedger draws a low amount of battery charge. We feel the 2.5 Ah battery will give you over an hour of tool use. As noted, we tested with the 5 Ah battery which would give over two hours of trimming.

    Our thoughts on the EGO hedge trimmer are highly positive. The blades are sharp and can easily handle cutting close to one inch in diameter. It is a lightweight unit that is easy to move around bushes giving up the ability to get a close-to-professional look with minimal effort.

    The electric had brake is a nice safety feature to prevent accidents with the blades. Once the hand brake is released, the cutting action automatically stops. If you have other EGO tools, the batteries are interchangeable and can be used across all of them for convenience. EGO has fully assembled the hedge trimmer so it can be used directly out of the box. Trimmer blades can be removed for sharpening, but we did not check this aspect of the tool.

    We thought long about anything negative to say about the trimmer. One minor observation was that the handles feel rough on your fingers after using the tool for a significant time. The fix would be to use a pair of soft gloves to ease the roughness.

    If you are looking for a hedger to get you through semi-difficult yard trimming, this is a powerful and well-designed unit for the average homeowner. We rate it very high compared to other trimmers and feel it is one of the best cordless hedge trimmers on the market.

    EGO Power+ HT2411 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included

    EGO Power+ HT2411 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included

    By EGO Power+

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

    If you already have other EGO power tools, you can just buy the tool only (bare tool). The batteries from your other EGO tools should also work for this cordless hedge trimmer.

    A shoulder strap is not practical for a hedge trimmer, specially this one. Most of the time you are moving the tool up and down as you cut. You won’t get much opportunity to let the tool hang by the strap. If you still prefer to use a shoulder strap, see the two recommendations below.

    Shoulder Straps

    Closeup of the shoulder strap attached to the EGO leaf blower.

    NeJesZoe Shoulder Strap Universal Blower Strap Compatible with EGO Leaf Blower

    There is a special strap that is sold by EGO. But we found a cheaper one ($8) that is more than handy and fits this model of the EGO. It is adjustable and allows you to position the hedger in multiple holding positions.

    The only general maintenance you need for a hedge trimmer is to oil the blades. Preferably, do this after every use. The blades pick up gummy material from cutting branches. The oil lubricates the blades to keep them running longer. You can get blends that also have some cleaning ability. But for basic upkeep, just use the trusty (and cheaper) 3-in-1 multipurpose oil.

    3-IN-ONE Multi-Purpose Oil, 8 OZ

    Standard 3-in-1 mechanic’s oil that has been used for generations ($9). Can use this for other tools and moving parts around the house and garage.

    O E M Echo Red Armor 12oz High Performance Blade Cleaner and Lubricant

    A better option if you also want a blade cleaner and lubricant ($19). Probably a good choice if you are using your hedger for trees with a lot of sap and gum.

    The two main considerations in your choice for a hedge trimmer are the size of your yard and the type of hedger that works best for you (electric vs. gas).

    Picking A Hedge Trimmer For The Size And Needs Of Your Yard

    The size of your yard will help you determine what type of hedge trimmer works best. If your yard is bigger than an acre and you have heavy brush, a gas-powered one could still be the best choice. Electric hedgers tend to work well for most people’s yards if you are below an acre.

    Cordless Electric Versus Gas Powered Hedge Trimmers

    Cordless electric power tools for the garden are becoming more popular with homeowners for hedge trimming and fall cleanup. They require minimal maintenance, unlike gas-powered ones. In the past, gas tools had unrivaled power and were the top choice simply for this reason. But the newer battery-operated tools now have the same power as most high-performance gas models.

    EGO Power+ HT2411 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included

    NameEGO Power+ HT2411 24-Inch Brushless 56-Volt Cordless Hedge Trimmer 2.5Ah Battery and Charger Included
    Model NumberHT2411 (tool with battery and charger) HT2410 (tool only)
    ManufacturerEGO Power+
    Power SourceBattery Powered
    Item Weight6.16 lb. (2.80kg), without battery pack and blade guard
    Cutting Length24 in. (610 mm)
    Battery2.5 Ah Lithium (HT2411 model only)
    Charger56-Volt (HT2411 model only)
    Manufacturer’s DescriptionThe world’s first cordless hedge trimmer with a 1″ cut capacity! The EGO POWER+ Hedge Trimmer has a high-efficiency brushless motor which allows for longer run times and lighter weight. The 24″ dual action, hardened steel blades for precise, clean cuts. The trimmer is also equipped with fully serviceable blades to make sharpening quick and easy. Delivering 3,000 strokes per minute to get the tough jobs done faster. Compatible with all EGO POWER+ ARC Lithium™ batteries (available separately) to deliver Power Beyond Belief™.

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