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Cialdini’s Unity Principle Of Persuasion: Definition & Examples

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    Robert Cialdini’s latest principle of persuasion is unity. Learn how this helps us influence others through a shared identity.

    Definition Of Cialdini’s Unity Principle Of Persuasion In Psychology

    Those who are similar to us and who behave like us are more likely to get us to listen to them. The unity principle is a sense of togetherness and being one of the same thing. This drives us to be influenced easily by those who we share something in common with.

    We tend to act more favorably towards people who resemble us. Ethnicity, nationality, and other related commonalities make us see ourselves in the other. There is an overlapping, unitizing effect. It is as if doing something for the other person gives you the same fulfilment as if you did it for yourself.

    How To Use The Persuasion Principle Of Unity At Work

    Reinforce shared bonds that you have with others. This could be a shared location, ethnicity, hobbies, previous company/industry, or a favorite sports team.

    Another way to demonstrate unity with someone is to act like them. Use similar words and phrases that they use. Maintain the same body language and gestures. Mirror what they do, particularly their emotional mindset to get them aligned with you.



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