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Be A Better Person: How To Be Happy & Successful At Work

    Start The Year Right: Propel Your Best Self Forward In The New Year

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    Much of what we do and accomplish in a year is simply amazing. In many ways, your already are your best self. We just don’t always see it for what it is.

    But those around us do. From friends, family and colleagues, they notice how we make their world better. If you doubt this, just ask someone close to you to imagine what their life would be without you.

    If you still want to push yourself and discover how to be a better person, this simple guide will set you free of blocks that hold you back.

    How To Become A Better Person In 2022

    Spend some introspective time and start the new year off on the right note by taking stock of what worked and didn’t in 2021. The questions below will help you put your past year in the right perspective. They will give you ideas for how to change what was not so fruitful. Things that kept you from delivering your full worth.

    The new year is the perfect time to reflect on some of this — the good and the bad. And what we should do to showcase our most amazing self for the year ahead in 2022.

    1. Did your 2021 goals work out? Are you open to more fulfilling ways to grow as a person?

    Manager and employee looking at a laptop at the office and going over the employee's performance review comments and phrases.

    Did you hit or miss your goals for 2021?

    When our goals are missed or half-achieved, the mental anguish from the failure is significantly more than from completing a goal. Setting goals may not be the best for many of us. Instead, try developing basic skills in several areas. When combined with your core expertise, this becomes what’s called a talent stack.

    Dilbert creator, Scott Adams, coined the term talent stacks. His advice is to try and develop as many modest talents as you can. You don’t have to be an expert at them but should be at least fluent. If you pick the right combination for your job type, in time you will stand apart from your peers.

    The problem with goal setting (apart from it’s dismal record), is that it narrows your focus to outcomes but not the path forward. When you are busy developing your talents, the world around you becomes target-rich. You start to see more things that you can easily achieve. And you would have missed them if you were narrowly working on a goal.

    Want a good idea? Work on developing the ability to be less embarrassed and self-conscious by what you say and do in 2020. Suggested read: Not Caring What Other People Think Is A Superpower: Insights From a Heavyweight Boxer, By Ed Latimore.

    Consider building a potent talent stack for yourself in 2022 instead of setting goals.

    2. What parts of your job stimulated in you a desire to be a better person?

    Two women at work writing on a whiteboard

    Think about what you were most proud of from the past year. Special projects or deliverables you contributed to. It does not matter if you were recognized for them. You know what awesomeness you created.

    When we let ourselves reinforce our strengths multiple times, we make our subconscious minds fells as if we had more wins. We are usually good at doing this with our mistakes. So spending extra time on our accomplishments counters for the setbacks. And it primes our minds to deliver even more successes.

    Dwell in your proudest accomplishments and allow the positive feelings to flow in you again as you start 2022.

    3. Are your friends and colleagues helping or hurting you be a better person?

    Start The Year Right: Propel Your Best Self Forward In The New Year

    Think about the people that remained by your side in 2021 and those who let you down. You need to distance yourself from people who actively held you back.

    It sounds like a simple thing to do. But it is actually hard to break ourselves from such people. The best way is to be direct. Stop making excuses around them. Tell them you don’t feel it is worth your time to be around them. And then walk away.

    Are you a part of a vibrant work culture? If not, think about what you could change in 2022. You could find a new group or department to work for. Or initiate a serious job search and leave. But don’t let a negative workplace and environment hold your full potential back.

    Make plans to surround yourself with your allies and take steps to eliminate what is toxic around you.

    4. What areas were you doubtful in? Can you use them as an opportunity to grow into your best self?

    Start The Year Right: Propel Your Best Self Forward In The New Year

    We all have areas of fear and doubt. Things we avoid because we’ve never believed we are good at or are too afraid to do. We conveniently push them aside. Perhaps making an excuse.

    It takes courage to step outside our comfort zone. Now we are often told this but rarely shown how to do it.

    Try this and see if it helps. Pick a few low-hanging fruit and start early in the year. If you are able to show yourself initial results, you will be able to take on increasingly challenging fears later in the year.

    Also, remember that not everyone who does something fearlessly was born that way. Most have received some form of training. If public speaking is your fear, enroll in a Dale Carnegie class. It will be life-changing for you.

    Face some of your fears early in the year and build momentum for a winner mindset in 2022.

    5. Do your daily routines reinvigorate you? Which ones hold you back?

    Start The Year Right: Propel Your Best Self Forward In The New Year

    What you habitually do every day should make you a better person. Take stock of the daily routines you are proud off and note for how long you’ve been doing them.

    At the same time, some honesty and introspection about habits you need to give up is needed too. Again, if it is a severe limitation or addiction, don’t go it alone. Get help.

    Praise yourself for all your good habits. Look for ways to add more. Eliminate routines that are not productive to become your best self.

    6. Did you take the time to savor the beauty around you?

    Two brown Labrador puppies sitting in the grass.

    Find the right balance between your work responsibilities and those around you who long for your presence. In her book, Top Five Regrets of the Dying, palliative care provider Bonnie Ware’s number 2 pick for regrets that dying people have is that of working too hard. And as a result, missing out on quality time with loved ones.

    The start of the year is perfect for planning your vacation time for you and your family. You likely have a fresh quota of vacation days so take the time to ensure they are used well.

    Make sure you plan for enough of fun with your family and to sample more of our beautiful world.

    Increase Your Odds Of Becoming A Better Person In The New Year

    They say a good start is half the battle. At the beginning of the new year in 2022, spend some time pondering these questions. It will help get you started in the right mindset.

    Give goal-setting a rest and work on developing a potent talent stack for yourself. Remove the bad influences from people and work cultures in your life. Face some areas of doubt early. Try and overcome a few of them for a positive framing and to boost your self-confidence.

    Mix up your daily routines and try something different that works for you. But most important, keep family and friends close by. Dedicate more time to them. And to enjoying the beauty and love around you.

    Books That Will Help You Be A Better Person

    Self-help books that actually work for us are hard to find. But this list of the best books for your self-development will get you going in the right direction.

    Here are the top three that will help you be your best self.

    The Power of Positive Thinking
    The Happiness Hypothesis: Finding Modern Truth in Ancient Wisdom
    How to Develop Self-Confidence and Influence People by Public Speaking

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