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The Liking Principle Of Persuasion: Definition & Examples


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Learn what the liking principle of persuasion has to say about getting people to agree with us.

Definition Of Cialdini’s Liking Principle Of Persuasion In Psychology

We are more willing to agree with people whom we view favorably or like.

Thus, liking can easily produce assent in us. We are motivated to be more receptive to the needs and suggestions of people we like. There is a subconscious tug in us to maintain the social bond we have with those people. There is thus less resistance from us to question their requests and we comply more easily.

How To Use The Persuasion Principle Of Liking At Work

The optimal way to use the liking weapon of influence is to highlight similarities that you share with the person you are persuading. We build a stronger emotional bond with people who are like us. If you notice that someone supports the same sports team that you do, mention it to them.



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