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The Social Proof Principle Of Persuasion: Definition & Examples


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The social proof principle of persuasion is one of the most powerful tools to get people to comply with requests.

Definition Of Cialdini’s Social Proof Principle Of Persuasion In Psychology

We have a tendency to do what other people are doing. To look around in social situations at what others are doing and follow along. The social proof principle of persuasion is triggered by showing people what other members of the group are doing.

This is one of Cialdini’s 6 principles of persuasion that has the strongest basis in human social behavior. The tendency for us to rely on the decision-making of those around us. If we see a large enough group take a stand, we defer to the soundness of the judgement of the collective.

How To Use The Persuasion Principle Of Social Proof At Work

If you need to push people (senior management or employees) to take risk with an initiative, pointing to how many other people or organizations do the same thing will be the most influential. Drive social proof persuasion through visuals like pictures or videos of others demonstrating the behavior you are persuading on. Or provide statistics and examples from outside sources.



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