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Top Toys For Christmas 2023: Unique Gift Ideas for Kids 1 to 16 Years

    Red and golden Christmas gifts wrapped in ribbons

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    Get ready for the magical Christmas season with the most sought-after toys of 2023. Choosing the perfect gift for your little ones can be challenging in a world filled with countless options. But fear not, as we’ve scoured the market to bring you a curated list of this year’s hottest toys.

    From educational tech gadgets to outdoor adventures, our selection caters to a wide range of preferences, ensuring joyful smiles on Christmas morning. Join us as we unveil the must-have toys for Christmas 2023.

    Gift-Worthy Smiles: Finding the Ultimate Christmas Toys for 2023

    Are you struggling to find the perfect gifts for your kids this holiday season? Every year, the market is inundated with new toys, and children are bombarded with ads for nearly everything. It is never an easy task to find the right gifts.

    But we have done the work for you. Our “Must-Have Toys for Christmas 2023” series breaks down the hottest toys by age group, making it easy to find the ideal presents for children of all stages. Whether you have toddlers, pre-schoolers, or elementary school kids, our guides will help you uncover the most exciting and age-appropriate toys on the market.

    Get ready to make this Christmas a memorable one with the perfect gifts for your little ones!

    Christmas gifts under a decorated green Christmas tree gift wrapped and tied in green and red bows.

    In the enchanting world of Christmas toys, toddlers aged 1 to 3 hold a special place. Their wide-eyed wonder and budding curiosity make selecting the perfect gift an absolute joy. In this section, we’ll explore the top picks for Christmas 2023 toys that cater specifically to these little adventurers.

    From sensory delights to interactive play, these toys are thoughtfully designed to captivate their hearts and minds. Let’s dive into a world of wonder and discover the ideal presents for the youngest members of your family.

    1. Radio Flyer Deluxe Push & Play Cube Walker | Ages 1-3

    By Radio Flyer; Release Date: January 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Radio Flyer Deluxe Push & Play Cube Walker, Walker Toy for Ages 1-3

    The Radio Flyer Deluxe Push & Play Cube Walker is an excellent choice to support your child’s early development. This baby push walker is designed with safety in mind, featuring resistance clickers on all wheels to help beginners build confidence and balance while taking their first steps. With push bars on both ends and convenient side rails on the top, it’s easy for little ones to move around.

    It offers two modes of play: a push walker mode and sensory play mode. These modes help toddlers gain confidence in walking and enhance both fine and gross motor skills as they engage with various sensory activities. The cube walker is packed with interactive features like a bead maze, shape sorter with shape blocks, interlocking gears, and a pathfinder maze.

    Furthermore, this walker includes a smart design feature with storage space inside the cube, allowing you to store items through the flexible rubber grid or the wooden door. Its natural wood body not only ensures durability but also adds a classic touch to its appearance.

    2. LEGO DUPLO 3 in 1 Tree House (10993) | Ages 3+

    By LEGO; Release Date: May 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    LEGO DUPLO 3in1 Tree House 10993 Creative Building Toy for Toddlers, Includes 8 Figures for Teaching Social Skills, Playing Together and Group Play, Great Birthday Gift for Kids

    The LEGO DUPLO 3in1 Tree House is a fantastic choice for little learners aged 3 and up. This creative building toy provides a fun way for toddlers to explore the treetops, develop self-expression, and enhance their motor skills.

    Children and parents can build and rebuild three different scenes, including a 3-story treetop play area with a slide, a cozy treehouse, and a charming garden scene. With countless play possibilities, this toy encourages creativity and social interaction. It makes for an excellent Christmas gift for toddlers’ development and playtime.

    3. Little Tikes Adventure Rocket | Ages 3+

    By MGA Entertainment; Release Date: October 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 5 out of 5.
    Little Tikes Adventure Rocket Realistic Space Astronaut Pretend Role Play for Kids, Boys, Girls, 2-6 Years Old, 40 x 18 x 18 inches

    The Little Tikes Adventure Rocket is an out-of-this-world gift choice for young astronauts in the making. Standing nearly 4 feet tall, this rocket ship offers big adventures for imaginative play.

    Kids can step into the role of astronauts, operating the control center, stargazing through the telescope, searching for shooting stars, and even crawling through the escape hatch for daring missions. The realistic lights and sounds add an immersive touch, making it feel like a genuine rocket adventure.

    The star viewer screen allows kids to make wishes on the stars, and it’s moveable, so they can use it to observe the real night sky. With space for 2-3 little astronauts to play at once, the Little Tikes Adventure Rocket fosters interactive and imaginative play, making it a stellar choice for holiday gifting.

    4. Super Mario Kart Battery Powered Electric Car | Ages 3+

    By Jakks Pacific; Release Date: June 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Super Mario Kart Deluxe Kids Ride On 24V Battery Powered Electric Car Toy, Up to 8MPH, 3 Speeds & Reverse, Weight Limit 81 lbs.

    The Super Mario Kart Deluxe Kids Ride On 24V Battery Powered Electric Car Toy is an exhilarating gift option for young Mario Kart fans. With its 24-volt power, this ride-on racer provides thrilling performance that can reach speeds of up to 8 miles per hour.

    It features large rear wheels designed for drifting, making it feel just like a real Mario Kart. Plus, it’s equipped with authentic Mario Kart sound effects and music, adding an immersive dimension to the driving experience.

    Whether it’s racing around the neighborhood or simply enjoying the ride, this electric car is sure to bring a smile to any Mario Kart enthusiast’s face. It’s the perfect holiday gift for kids who want to step into the world of Mario Kart and experience the thrill of racing like their favorite characters.

    5. Squishmallows Pokemon 14-Inch Pikachu Plush | Ages 3+

    By Jazwares; Release Date: February 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Squishmallows Pokemon 14-Inch Pikachu Plush - Add Pikachu to Your Squad, Ultrasoft Stuffed Animal Large Plush, Official Kelly Toy Plush

    The Squishmallows Pokemon 14-Inch Pikachu Plush is a must-have addition to your Squishmallows Squad. This large, ultra-soft stuffed animal offers a super cuddly and huggable experience, making it a fantastic holiday gift choice for kids and Pokemon fans of all ages.

    Pikachu, an iconic Pokemon, comes to life in this plush, bringing the fun and charm of the Pokemon world into your home. If you’re a fan of Squishmallows, you can expand your collection with other Squishmallows extensions like Flip-A-Mallows, HugMees, Mystery Squad, and Stackables.

    6. Fisher-Price Baby & Toddler Learning Toy Dj Bouncin’ Beats | 6+ Months

    By Fisher-Price; Release Date: April 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Fisher-Price Baby & Toddler Learning Toy Dj Bouncin’ Beats With Music Lights & Bouncing Action For Ages 6+ Months

    The Fisher-Price Baby & Toddler Learning Toy Dj Bouncin’ Beats is an interactive and educational toy that combines fun with learning. Its motorized bouncing action adds an element of physical activity to playtime, making it an ideal choice for active babies and toddlers aged 9-36 months.

    With over 75 songs, sounds, and phrases, along with multi-color lights and the ability to record and play back with fun remix effects, it keeps young learners engaged and entertained. This toy not only encourages movement but also fosters listening skills through playful prompts and simple directions. It’s a perfect holiday gift that combines play and learning in an exciting and interactive way.

    Preschoolers aged 4 to 6 are a dynamic bunch of little learners, and selecting the right Christmas toys for them can spark creativity and endless fun. In this section, we’ll explore the best Christmas 2023 toys designed to engage and entertain preschoolers.

    From educational games that promote early learning to imaginative playsets that transport them to exciting worlds, these toys are sure to bring smiles and laughter to your little ones. Join us as we uncover the perfect presents for the spirited, inquisitive minds of preschoolers this holiday season.

    7. Jurassic World: Dominion Roar Strikers | Ages 4+

    By Mattel; Release Date: May 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Jurassic World Dominion Roar Strikers Triceratops Dinosaur Action Figure with Roaring Sound and Attack Action, Toy Gift Physical & Digital Play

    The Jurassic World: Dominion Roar Strikers Ankylosaurus figure is a thrilling addition to the Jurassic World universe that promises endless dino adventures. Measuring about 13 inches long, this figure takes dinosaur fun to new heights, making it an exciting holiday gift for young paleontologists.

    With a mighty ROARING sound and a tail WHIP attack action, this action figure is designed for epic battle play. Kids can easily activate these features by pressing down on the hip area, adding a layer of excitement to their prehistoric battles.

    But the fun doesn’t stop there. The figure hides a hidden DNA code that can be scanned with any smart device, unlocking Augmented Reality (AR) options in the free Jurassic World Facts app. This allows kids to study the dinosaur in a virtual lab, explore different modes like thermal and x-ray, and even bring the dinosaur into the real world through AR. It’s a fantastic way for young explorers to dive into the world of dinosaurs and learn while they play.

    8. Barbie The Movie Doll | Ages 3+

    By Mattel; Release Date: June 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Barbie The Movie Doll, Margot Robbie as Barbie, Collectible Doll Wearing Pink and White Gingham Dress with Daisy Chain Necklace

    The Barbie The Movie Doll featuring Margot Robbie as Barbie is a collector’s dream come true. This delightful doll allows fans to own a piece of Barbie The Movie and relive the magic. With her charming pink gingham dress and vintage-inspired style, she’s ready for a fantastic day in Barbie Land.

    One of the standout features of this collector’s doll is her impeccable attention to detail. From the matching belt to the full, pleated skirt, every aspect of her outfit is meticulously designed. Her long blond hair, tied with a pink ribbon, adds a touch of elegance, and her daisy drop earrings beautifully capture her film-inspired look.

    The addition of a daisy chain necklace, pink bracelet, and heart-adorned pink pumps completes her ensemble, making her an exquisite addition to any Barbie collection and a delightful holiday gift for fans of all ages.

    9. Pokémon Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu | Ages 4+

    By Jazwares; Release Date: August 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Pokemon Train and Play Deluxe Pikachu - 4.5-Inch Pikachu Figure with Lights, Sounds, and Moving Limbs Plus Interactive Accessories

    The Pokémon Train & Play Deluxe Pikachu is an exciting toy that offers a delightful interactive experience for Pokémon fans. This 4.5-inch battery-operated figure is packed with features, making it an excellent choice for a holiday gift.

    It has an extensive range of over 50 unique reactions. Pikachu’s dynamic responses, including sounds, light-up cheeks, and movement in its arms, ears, and tail, create an engaging and immersive playtime. The inclusion of two interactive berries that trigger specific reactions when held to its nose adds an extra layer of interactivity. Whether you touch its head or engage in direct conversation, this toy promises hours of bonding and entertainment, making it a perfect choice for Pokémon enthusiasts of all ages.

    10. Star Wars: Chatter Back Chopper Animatronic by Hasbro | Ages 4+

    By Hasbro; Release Date: August 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    STAR WARS Chatter Back Chopper, Ahsoka Animatronic Toys, 40+ Sound & Movement Combos, Interactive Toys for 4 Year Old Boys & Girls

    The Star Wars: Chatter Back Chopper Animatronic is a must-have for Star Wars fans, particularly those who follow the Ahsoka live-action series on Disney+. This electronic toy boasts an authentic character design and weathered deco inspired by the series.

    By simply pressing the button on Chopper’s body, posing his front arm, or even creating your own sounds, you can unlock unique sound and movement combinations. Witness Chopper’s delightful responses as he engages with various sound effects and dynamic movements of his arms, body, and head. This toy offers an immersive and engaging experience for Star Wars enthusiasts.

    11. MEGA Hot Wheels Monster Trucks, Smash & Crash Bone Shaker Crush Course | Ages 4+

    By Mattel; Release Date: May 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    MEGA Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Building Toy, Smash & Crash Bone Shaker Crush Course With 151 Pieces, 1 Figure and 1 Ramp, Red, Kids Age 5+ Years

    The MEGA Hot Wheels Monster Trucks Building Toy, Smash & Crash Bone Shaker Crush Course, offers an exciting and engaging playtime experience for kids. This building toy combines the thrill of Hot Wheels Monster Trucks with the creativity of construction, making it an ideal holiday gift.

    With its ability to customize and assemble the Bone Shaker truck, kids can enjoy hours of imaginative play and hands-on learning. It encourages fine motor skills and problem-solving while providing endless entertainment. Whether they’re smashing through obstacles or creating their own monster truck adventures, this toy promises exciting playtime for children.

    12. Cosmic Kick the Can | Ages 5+

    By Starlux Games; Release Date: February 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Cosmic Kick The Can: Outdoor Play with a Galactic Twist | Ages 5+, 4-12+ Players | for Fans of Alien Toys, Kids Outdoor Toys and Outdoor Games for Kids | Also Use for Kickball and Hacky Sack

    Cosmic Kick the Can features a truly impressive spaceship centerpiece that sets it apart as an extraordinary outdoor game. It’s a perfect holiday gift, especially for kids aged 5 and up, adding an intergalactic twist to the classic “Kick the Can” game.

    Beyond its primary use, the spaceship also adds excitement to other active kids’ games like kickball, night ball, and more. It’s a versatile gift that encourages physical activity and social interaction, making it a feel-good choice for the holiday season.

    13. Barbie Dreamhouse 2023 Pool Party Doll House | Ages 3+

    By Mattel; Release Date: May 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Barbie Dreamhouse 2023, Pool Party Doll House with 75+ Pieces and 3-Story Slide, Barbie House Playset, Pet Elevator and Puppy Play Areas

    The Barbie Dreamhouse 2023 Pool Party Doll House is a delightful holiday gift choice, especially for young Barbie enthusiasts. This updated dollhouse offers a world of imaginative play with its 360-degree open design and storytelling pieces.

    What sets it apart is the inclusion of a three-story spiral slide, making Barbie’s pool parties a splashy delight as dolls twirl down into the pool. Additionally, this dollhouse doubles as a pet paradise, complete with a puppy figure and various pet-friendly amenities, sparking creative play scenarios.

    With ten different play areas, kids can embark on endless adventures, from hosting slumber parties for up to four dolls to enjoying integrated lights and sounds in the kitchen and bathroom. The working elevator, wheelchair-accessible design, swing, closet, and more enhance storytelling possibilities, ensuring that kids will never tire of the exciting tales they create within the Barbie Dreamhouse. This gift promises hours of joy and creativity during the holiday season and beyond.

    For elementary school kids aged 7 to 10, Christmas is a time of wonder and excitement, and finding the right toys can elevate the holiday spirit. In this section, we’ll explore the must-have Christmas 2023 toys for this age group.

    From games that encourage friendly competition and cooperation to STEM-based toys that foster creativity and learning, we’ve curated a list of gifts that will make this holiday season unforgettable for your elementary schoolers. Join us as we delve into the top choices for Christmas toys that will bring joy and adventure to kids aged 7 to 10.

    14. 2023 Holiday Barbie Signature Doll, Blond Hair | Ages 6+

    By Mattel; Release Date: July 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    2023 Holiday Barbie Doll, Seasonal Collector Gift, Barbie Signature, Golden Gown and Displayable Packaging, Blond Hair

    The 2023 Holiday Barbie Doll is a timeless holiday collector’s item that brings elegance and festive spirit to any gift-giving occasion. Celebrating the 35th anniversary of Holiday Barbie, this doll is a symbol of goodwill and the joy of the season, making it a thoughtful holiday gift choice.

    Dressed in a champagne-colored satiny gown with a shimmering tulle skirt overlay adorned with gold stars, this Barbie exudes holiday charm. The addition of a pleated sheer cape tied with an ivory satin ribbon, along with golden statement earrings and a sculpted golden wrist cuff, adds a touch of seasonal glamour. With platinum blond hair styled in glamorous waves, crimson lips, and matching nails, she embodies the holiday spirit from head to toe.

    This Holiday Barbie doll, presented in beautiful packaging, is not only a collector’s treasure but also a wonderful gift for Barbie enthusiasts or anyone looking to add a touch of holiday magic to their celebrations. Whether displayed or cherished as part of a collection, she’s sure to bring merry wishes and joy to households during the holiday season.

    15. Magic Mixies Pixlings | Ages 5+

    By Moose Toys; Release Date: July 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 3.5 out of 5.
    Magic Mixies Pixlings. Unia The Unicorn Pixling. Create and Mix A Magic Potion That Magically Reveals A Beautiful 6.5" Pixling Doll Inside A Potion Bottle!

    The Magic Mixies Pixlings make for an enchanting and imaginative holiday gift for kids. This unique toy allows young ones to experience the wonder of magic as they mix a potion to reveal their Pixling doll. As they add magical ingredients and watch the elixir turn from deep blue to clear inside the bottle.

    Deerlee, the beautiful Deer Pixling with the “Spirit of Adventure,” adds a sense of wonder to playtime. With 7 points of articulation, rooted long hair, a soft skirt, and detailed shoes, Deerlee becomes an engaging and poseable companion for young adventurers. The included doll stand enhances the display and play possibilities, making this toy not just a gift but a journey into a world of magic and storytelling for kids during the holiday season.

    16. Goliath Game Night in a Can | Ages 8+

    By Goliath; Release Date: August 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Goliath Game Night in a Can - Features 35 Hilarious and Creative Mini Games - Toss, Draw, Act, Party Game, Ages 8 and Up, 3+ Players

    Goliath Game Night in a Can is a fantastic addition to your holiday festivities, offering a diverse collection of 35 hilarious and creative mini-games. This compact party game is packed with big ideas, making it an excellent choice for a fun-filled game night with friends and family.

    With a simple setup that involves mixing up cards and picking games, you can easily challenge your friends to compete in a variety of activities, from writing and drawing to acting and tossing. This game encourages laughter and camaraderie, ensuring that your game night will be memorable and enjoyable. Whether you’re hosting a holiday gathering or simply seeking an entertaining pastime, Goliath Game Night in a Can provides hours of amusement for all ages.

    17. Funko Games: Disney Animated Strategy Game | Ages 10+

    By Funko; Release Date: June 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Funko Games: Disney Animated Strategy Game for 2-4 Players Ages 10 and Up

    The Funko Games: Disney Animated Strategy Game is a delightful holiday gift for Disney enthusiasts. This strategy game invites players to dive into the rich history of Disney Animation Studios, featuring five beloved classic films. It offers lively and cooperative gameplay enhanced by unique player powers, fostering an engaging and enjoyable gaming experience.

    What sets this game apart are its stunning components, including full-color player boards, custom wooden tokens, and 15 transparent cel cards, which add a touch of Disney magic to each round. Players will have the opportunity to develop various aspects, including sound, ink & paint, and background art, infusing a bit of magic to bring their chosen films to life. Suitable for 2 to 4 players aged 10 and above, the game offers approximately 20 minutes of gameplay per player, making it an ideal choice for family gatherings and holiday festivities.

    Teen-Friendly 2023 Holiday Gifts: Toys for Ages 10-16

    As kids transition into their teen years, their tastes and interests evolve, making it a unique challenge to find the perfect holiday gifts. In this section, we’ll explore teen-friendly 2023 holiday gifts, specifically tailored to ages 10 to 16.

    Whether it’s immersive tech gadgets, creative kits, or engaging games, we’ve handpicked items that align with the preferences of older kids and young teens. Here we cover the top choices for holiday toys that will captivate and entertain this age group, making the holiday season unforgettable for them.

    18. Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane | Ages 12+

    By Skyrocket Toys; Release Date: May 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane

    The Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane is an exhilarating choice for a holiday gift, offering a high-speed experience that distinguishes it from traditional drones. Equipped with two potent prop motors and a lightweight fighter-style body, it reaches speeds of up to 35 mph, delivering heart-pounding flying adventures. Its advanced auto flight stabilization ensures seamless flights by automatically adapting to environmental changes, such as shifting winds, making it suitable for both newcomers and seasoned R/C enthusiasts.

    This plane has the capacity to perform impressive loop and barrel roll maneuvers with a simple button press, injecting an extra layer of excitement into every flight. Furthermore, it incorporates a Find My Plane Audio Tracer feature, guaranteeing a swift recovery if it ventures beyond the 600-foot range. Whether you’re a novice or a seasoned remote-control enthusiast, the Sky Viper Vector Stunt Plane promises hours of thrilling, adrenaline-fueled entertainment, making it an outstanding holiday gift choice.

    19. Faction Skyfire Target Drone | Ages 6+

    By Skyrocket Toys; Release Date: May 2023

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    Faction Skyfire Target Drone

    The Faction Skyfire Target Drone is an exciting holiday gift option for kids and even adults. This drone adds a new dimension to target practice, working seamlessly with any gel or dart blaster. It autonomously flies, levitates, and maneuvers to evade attacks, creating an exhilarating target experience. Whether you’re honing your aim or just having fun, this drone offers versatile gameplay.

    It has Bluetooth-enabled functionality, allowing for multiple ways to play and stat tracking through the Faction app. You can engage in thrilling drone vs. blaster battles or simply enjoy flying it for recreational purposes. The Faction app further enhances the experience, connecting devices, offering classic games, team chat, and GPS tracking. This innovative drone turns your neighborhood into an interactive playground, bridging the gap between virtual gaming and real-world fun, making it a standout holiday gift choice.

    20. Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter | Ages 8+

    By Razor; Release Date: 2015

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.
    Razor Power Core E90 Electric Scooter with hub motor, push-button throttle, for kids 8+

    The Power Core E90 Electric Scooter offers extended battery life, making it an excellent holiday gift for kids. With up to 75% more battery life than comparable models, it provides up to 65 minutes of continuous use, allowing children to enjoy longer rides during the holiday season. Its steel frame ensures durability, while the increased torque takes its performance to the next level, promising an exciting and reliable outdoor adventure.

    This scooter’s top speed of 10 miles per hour, push-button throttle, and kick-start in-wheel hub motor make it a hassle-free and energy-efficient mode of transportation for kids. Whether they’re zipping around the neighborhood or exploring the local park, the Power Core E90 offers extended fun, making it a practical and exciting holiday gift choice.

    21. PlayStation 5 Console (PS5) | Ages 5+

    By Sony; Release Date: October 2022

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4.5 out of 5.
    PlayStation 5 Console (PS5)

    The PlayStation 5 Console (PS5) is an impressive Christmas gift choice for gamers. It offers stunning graphics and a range of new features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and 3D Audio, ensuring an immersive gaming experience. With its ultra-high-speed SSD and custom hardware, it redefines PlayStation gaming, making it a fantastic present for those seeking top-notch performance and a library of next-gen games.

    If you want to go all-digital, the PS5 Digital Edition omits the disc drive, providing a streamlined gaming experience for the digital age.

    Hottest Toys of Christmas 2023

    Our journey through the top Christmas toys of 2023 has taken us on magical adventures, high-speed races, and imaginative building projects, appealing to a wide range of interests and age groups. From exploring the cosmos to revving up the excitement on the racetrack, these toys promise an unforgettable holiday season.

    With options that foster learning, active play, and sheer enjoyment, you’re sure to find the ideal gift that will bring smiles of delight to every child’s face.

    Making Merry Memories: Wrapping Up the 2023 Holiday Toy Guide

    As we wrap up our journey through the top Christmas toys for various age groups in 2023, we hope you’ve found inspiration and insight into the perfect gifts for the children and teens in your life. Remember, the magic of the holiday season isn’t just in the presents we give but in the joy and laughter they bring.

    Whether you’re shopping for toddlers discovering the world, preschoolers fueling their imagination, elementary kids seeking adventure, or teens exploring their passions, the right toy can create cherished memories.

    Embrace the holiday spirit, spread happiness, and watch their faces light up as they unwrap the perfect gift. From all of us, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a joyful holiday season!

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