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How To Install Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads: Easy 30 Minutes DIY Project

Maroon and gold carpet stair treads on brown wood stairs with white railings.

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Learn how to install carpet stair treads with these handy instructions and video tutorial. We will use double-sided carpet tape to securely install the carpet treads. But still keep the option to fully remove them down the road to give you back the original hardwood look or give you the option of replacing them with a different design.

Why Install Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads On Hardwood

Hardwood stairs can be slippery for elderly people and pets. Adding carpet treads to stairs is an easy way to provide a slip-resistant solution while maintaining enough of the hardwood look and finish. Installing carpet threads is an easy under 30 minutes do-it-yourself project. Learn the right way to do this for brightening up and adding a layer of safety to your stairs.

Tools Needed To Install Carpet Stair Treads

Tools needed to install carpet stair treads laid out on maroon and gold carpet.

You will need either a measuring tape or a self-leveling laser to align the carpet treads in the center of the stairs. Finally, for this job, a box cutter will be used to cut off pieces of the carpet tape.

Best Carpet Tape For Stair Treads

For this job, the main thing we will need is top-quality double-sided carpet tape. This is what will hold down the treads firmly to prevent any slippage. But we also want something that is reversible. So that if we want to remove the treads later, we still have that option. One of the best tapes for this dual purpose is called XFasten.

XFasten Double-Sided Carpet Tape

Self-Leveling Laser (Rotatable 360 Degree)

Choosing The Right Carpet Treads

Before you buy your treads, measure each stair carefully. Keep in mind that if your stairs are angled, the lengths could be different in each bend. Pay attention to the breadth of the stairs. You will want at least one inch of space remaining for the stair. Otherwise, the tread may jut out or get stretched over with use.

The information on the carpet treads we used in this video tutorial can be found below. If you need to remove existing carpet treads, Goo Gone will be perfect for removing and cleaning out any remaining glue from the previous install.

Ottomanson Collection Indoor Stair Treads

Goo Gone Adhesive Remover Spray Gel

Video Tutorial For Installing Carpet Treads On Hardwood Stairs

You can watch our full video tutorial where we show you exactly how to install the carpet stair treads below.

How To Install Non-Slip Carpet Stair Treads

Laying down and installing your carpet treads on hardwood stairs is an easy process. There is some bending involved and there will be periods of stress on your back. The full process on about a staircase of 10-14 steps should take about 30 minutes.

1. Clean Stairs And Measure For Placement In The Center

A man holding pink tape measure on brown hardwood stairs with maroon carpet treads.

The first step in the process is to wash and clean the stairs removing all the dust and dirt. Next you will need to measure the center of your stairs. Once you figure out how many inches from the side wall you need to center the treads, you can measure out this distance with a tape measure. or you can set up a self-leveling laser and align it to the right crossline along all your stairs.

2. Apply Double-Sided Carpet Tape To The Carpet Treads

White double-sided carpet tape on maroon treads with brown and white stairs.

Flip over the tread and stick two pieces of the XFasten tape on the top and bottom of the treads lengthwise. Remove the top piece of the tape to expose the sticky side. Then, along your pre-measured lines, firmly place down the carpet tread and push down with your hands. For best results, walk over and use your full body weight to press against the stairs for adhesion.

3. Install The Remaining Carpet Treads & Align The Designs

Continue this process until all the stairs are complete making sure that the design on the treads is aligned in the desired pattern and is consistent across the full stairway.

Maroon and gold carpet stair treads on brown wood stairs with white railings.


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Conclusion And Final Tips For Installing Carpet Stair Treads

Laying down carpet stair treads is a relatively easy DIY project around the house. With minimal tools, it can be done in under 30 minutes. You get a nice finish for your hardwood stairs plus an added safety feature against falls.

The most important part is getting the right double-sided carpet tape. You want the treads to be non-slip for safety. This is why we recommend using the XFasten brand for a solid lock to the stairs. The tape allows for removal of the carpet treads later. And with a bit of Goo Gone, you can remove any glue residue easily from your wood stairs.

By Master Influencer Magazine Home Improvement Staff

Published 3:00 PM EDT, Sunday December 04, 2022


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