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EGO Shoulder Strap Installation For Cordless Blowers & Trimmers

    Closeup of the shoulder strap attached to the EGO leaf blower.

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    Battery powered garden tools are becoming standard for most household yards. These tools give you the advantage of easy cordless power without the hassle of maintaining a gas engine. However, the batteries can make the tool heavy and cumbersome to use for long periods. So, having a shoulder strap becomes important for these tools.

    We have reviewed several EGO power tools previously, including leaf blowers, string trimmers and hedge trimmers. In this current review we show you the best EGO shoulder strap installations for cordless power tools.

    See our recommendations below for the EGO recommended shoulder straps, which are good but are more expensive. And also cheaper, but equally viable, alternatives that attach just as well to your power tools.

    Blonde woman in a grey t-shirt with back pain facing away with her hand on the back of her neck.

    Working in your yard is always a chore you want to avoid. But in summer, unless you outsource the job to a landscaper, you are stuck with doing the heavy lifting. Luckily, if you get yourself the right assortment of power tools, you will make things much easier.

    Even with power tools, they time needed for maintaining your garden, will necessitate some shoulder and back relief for carrying around the heavy equipment. This is why we recommend the use of a shoulder strap to alleviate your back strain for all the heavy yard work.

    Woman wearing red and brown mesh dress shirt sits on white flower field.
    Black shoulder strap for EGO leaf blower on a white ground.

    There are several options for shoulder straps to use on EGO power tools. EGO has an original part for use with their garden tools. Generally, this is a good choice if you want all attachments to be perfect. However, if you are willing to make small sacrifices for ease-of-use, there are much cheaper options too. And the good news is that they are more than sufficient for what you would need.

    NeJesZoe Shoulder Strap Universal Blower Strap Compatible with EGO Leaf Blower

    There is a special strap that is sold by EGO. But we found a cheaper one ($11) that is more than handy and fits this model of the EGO. It is adjustable and allows you to position your cordless tools in multiple holding positions.

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 4 out of 5.

    EGO Power+ AP1500 Shoulder Strap for EGO 56V String Trimmer/Leaf Blower/Multi Head System

    Or get the one from EGO which is about $24. This will have all the right attachments and work seamlessly for all your EGO tools that need a shoulder strap.

    Our Rating:

    Rating: 5 out of 5.

    You will need different approaches to install the should der strap depending on the tool.

    Various attachments for a shoulder strap that can be used with battery cordless power tools in a garden.

    Below is the basic strap with the pinch hook. This works well for the EGO leaf blower as this tool has a clip for securing the hook to.

    Black EGO shoulder strap installation for the grey and black EGO leaf blower.

    Using the interface belt is relatively simple. See the steps below for how to install this and then connect the shoulder strap to the power tool.

    Steps to use the interface belt on the black shoulder strap for a grey and black weed trimmer.


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    Various attachments for an EGO shoulder strap and a man in an orange shirt using a grey week trimmer.

    If you pick the recommended shoulder strap for EGO, obviously you won’t go wrong. They compatibility with all their power tools will be possible. However, going with a cheaper brand is also a viable approach. Pay attention to the various attachments the alternative brand provides to you in the package.

    In our experience, we have found that the strap and attachments from NeJesZoe work well for the EGO leaf blower, weed trimmer, and hedge trimmer.

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