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Summer/August 2023, Issue 10

ISSN 2766-0672 (Format: Online)

Master Influencer Magazine Summer/August 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with black hair, blue skirt and a white blouse holding pink flowers.

Summer/August 2023

Master Influencer Magazine

Blonde girl in a white top and brown pants sitting on a white sailboat looking at the blue ocean in front of her.


Hindsight Bias In Psychology: Definition, Examples, & How To Overcome

Unveiling the Hindsight Bias: Explore its definition, examples, and evolutionary roots. Learn how it influences human decision-making.

Blonde woman wearing an orange dress talking on her phone with her back facing the camera.


How To Negotiate Salary After A Job Offer Like A Pro: Unlock Your Earning Potential

Learn how to negotiate your salary after receiving a job offer like a pro. Discover tips and strategies to get the salary you deserve.

Elon Musk in a black t-shirt during an interview on Twitter organizational effectiveness with Tucker Carlson.

Leadership & Influence

Organizational Effectiveness: Driving Efficiency Like Elon Musk

Organizational effectiveness for business success. Optimize your company’s resources to achieve maximum output with lessons from Elon Musk.

Woman manager in a black suit sitting in front on a silver laptop with other meeting participants at a leadership conference.


How To Improve Leadership Skills In The Workplace

Take your leadership to the next level. Learn how to improve your leadership skills in the workplace and inspire your team towards success.


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Master Influencer Magazine Winter/February 2023 Issue cover featuring a woman with brown hair, red lipstick, a light pink blouse with her hand on her head.
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The Illusion Of Asymmetric Insight: Understanding Bias In Relationships

Two girls walking on a rocky part of the beach with the sea behind them.

Personal Development

Personal SWOT Analysis Examples & Templates

The best way to create a personal SWOT analysis with our step-by-step guide. Examples, templates, and best practices included for everyone.

Focused blonde businesswoman wearing a brown sweater thinking on project at laptop at home

Leadership & Influence

How To Build Self Confidence: Strategies To Boost Your Self-Esteem

The most effective strategies to build self-confidence and avoid common mistakes for success in this comprehensive self-help guide.

Blonde woman in a white shirt and blue denim jacket sitting in a park bench.


Conflict Resolution Strategies & Skills In The Workplace

Unlock the secrets to success with these expert tips and insights. Effective conflict resolution strategies for better relationships.

Three people sitting around couches at work resolving an issue or conflict.

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