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Shaun Mendonsa, PhD

Persuasion + Influence. Pharmaceutical development leader.

White and brown dog standing next to a black and green EGO Cordless hedge trimmer box.

EGO Power Cordless Hedge Trimmer (HT2410)

    See why the cordless electric EGO cordless hedge trimmer is an amazing hedger for residential gardens. Great cutting ability, lightweight and easy to use for just about anyone. Our unboxing, review and demo where we test this hedge trimmer in a standard 1-acre yard.

    Side view of a green and yellow John Deere S100 lawn tractor parked on a black driveway with a white garage and fence, and green trees in the background.

    John Deere Lawn Tractor 100 Series

      Watch our video where we show you key features of the John Deere S100 riding lawn tractor. Plus, full review with walkaround of the unit.

      EGO Cordless String Trimmer leaning against a black metal fence with a patio, lawn and green trees in the background.

      EGO Power String Trimmer

        Unboxing, review and testing out the EGO power string trimmer. A reliable and powerful string trimmer with an easy string re-load mechanism.

        Components of the EGO cordless electric leaf blower 650 CFM laid out on the patio with a green bush in the background.

        EGO Power 650 CFM Blower

          Video review of the new EGO Power Cordless Leaf Blower 650 CFM. See why it is one of the most powerful leaf blowers you can get.

          How To Get People To Agree With You: Influencing Through Emotions

            Imagine how much influence you could gain over people by connecting to their emotions. All while helping them through THEIR difficulties and troubles. This is rarely taught in career development courses seemingly because it is so basic. But it is highly effective and you should use it.

            Books on influence and persuasion at work, books to improve your influencing skills

            How To Win Your Next Big Project At Work

              Observe this Master Persuader Move from Elon Musk in his tweet below. A brilliant way to get people to buy a Tesla by asking them to consider the other mediocre competition in the electric car market.

              How To Be An Inspirational Leader Like Warren Buffett

                If you want to improve your leadership and persuasion game, you need not fear. Together we will learn five of the most important lessons from the Oracle of Omaha for selling people on any of our ideas and inspiring them.